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 Why OnGuard Safety?

Experience Matters ...

Bruce has designed and produced several unique digital media training packages for the education market since starting business in 1999.  His training resources are preventative by their very nature, afford a tangible level of protective care and proactive by their deliberate and targeted design.  Quite simply, this means that you will receive an excellent level of service and high quality product delivery from the team at OnGuard Safety.

Meet our Friendly Experienced Staff ...





Bruce Lewis

Managing Director 
Product Design, Creation and Development
Client Training
QLD Sales Representative

Level 2 Technical Support

Bruce has been involved in technology education since 1975. Ten years service with the NSW DET saw him attain the position of Industrial Arts Head Teacher at age 30. The next twenty years Bruce taught in  NSW Catholic Education and served in many roles including Sydney Regional Technology Consultant, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Administration Co-ordinator, TAS Co-ordinator,and WHS Manager. Although he retired from teaching in 2007, at age 50, he continues to provide WHS resources, consultancy, training and auditing services to schools throughout Australia.

Bruce is a member of the Safety Institute of Australia and the National Safety Council of Australia. He has several qualifications including an Industrial Arts Education Degree, an Industrial Arts Diploma of Teaching, an Associate Certificate of Design & Technology, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate II in Information Technology.

Bruce is the 'brain child' behind the OnGuard STEM safety training program. Although he created this innovative product over 20 years ago, he continually strives to create quality resources for STEM and technology education teachers. 

Bruce is currently located on the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland.   He is a tragic biker - been riding dirt and road bikes since 1966.  He currently rides a 2019 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom. In 1986 he added go-karting to his need for speed. Starting in National J Class 100cc, then up to 125cc gearbox Superkarts. He currently races a Rotax 125cc DD2 - direct drive 2 speed CRG kart.

 Article - "Road to Innovation" - IIA-TE Vol 1 2015




Craig Heufel

IT Management
Level 1 Technical Support

Craig is an experienced STEM teacher currenty working in Catholic Education on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

He joins the OnGuard team on a full time basis in 2020.

He has been a Superkart racer since 1986. He currently races a Rotax 125cc DD2 - direct drive 2 speed CRG kart.




Trevor Goodear

Workshop Auditor and Currency Trainer
Level 2 Technical Support

Trevor initially started work at BHP in Newcastle as a Mechanical Engineer. This involved both work on the tools and leading various teams in plant maintenance. In such an environment workplace safety was always at the forefront.

Trevor commenced his teaching career in the late 1970’s and has taught in a selection of high schools ranging from those that were socio-economically disadvantaged to those that catered for gifted and talented students. He retired from teaching as a Head Teacher TAS in 2011.

As expected, safety in the school environment has always been a focal point for Trevor in the profession of teaching, particularly in the TAS environment. After retirement Trevor has furthered his studies by completing Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and a Certificate of Attainment in Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills. These qualifications follow on from his Bachelor of Education [Industrial Arts Education … with Distinction] and a Master of Educational Administration.

Trevor is a member of the Safety Institute of Australia and has continued his focus on the need for integrated safety within the TAS environment. This is being achieved through his committed, ongoing work with OnGuard Safety Training Pty Ltd. This includes:- OnGuard Safety software training, TAS Faculty workshop audits, and Currency training for inexperienced teachers in the Industrial Arts / DT / STEM environment.

Trevor is currently located on the NSW Central Coast.




Adam Giancaspro

Sales Representative

Adam is an experienced STEM teacher currenty working in Catholic Education in Adelaide - South Australia..

Adam joined the OnGuard team on a part time basis in 2019.











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