OnGuard Inspections and Maintenance Plugin

OnGuard Safety have developed a multi pronged solution to alleviate the ever increasing demand for cost effective and time efficient solutions to machine inspections and maintenance requirements. The Inspections and Maintenance Plugin allows you to easily conduct and record your mandatory regular inspections and fulfil your obligations towards machine maintenance record keeping.

The Inspections and Maintenance Plugin can be driven either from a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) or web based browser (PC or Laptop). Access can be triggered via a unique QR Code generated by the OnGuard system which ensures simple access and guarantees accurate registration.

The Inspections and Maintenance Plugin is also an invaluable Asset Register, allowing for life cycle and inspection frequency to be setup and tracked. If an inspection is missed, the OnGuard system will alert the Administrator indicating the appropriate course of action.

Any machine in your existing subscription will appear in the Inspection and Maintenance register. You are even able to add industry specific machines that are not currently in our OnGuard offering - maximum of 3 - to accommodate bespoke applications.

Bundled with the Inspections and Maintenance Plugin is the comprehensive OnGuard Mobile Web application.

OnGuard Mobile Web

Smart phones and tablets are becoming increasingly important in the education environment. The availability of these devices has changed the way you and your students access information. Learners can now access resources at the tap of their finger. This dramatic change in the way we access information, has led to changes in the way learners prefer to be taught. OnGuard Safety seeks to leverage this technology to enhance the classroom and workshop teaching experience for both you and your students.

OnGuard Safety has developed a solution that will help you incorporate mobile technologies. OnGuard Safety now offers an application - OnGuard Mobile Web - that will assist you to introduce mobile devices effectively into your teaching and learning programs.

OnGuard Mobile Web Features.


  • Navigate Dashboard
  • Open online SOP and Test
  • Access Training History, Reports and Awards


  • Navigate Dashboard
  • Open Inspections and Maintenance
  • Open Safety Demonstration Register
  • Open Proficiency Assessment Register
  • View Training Units
  • View Training Reports

Test Drive OnGuard Mobile Web
Use QR Code SCANNER to open a demo of the Mobile Web.


Open Jigsaw SOP training and test

As a Student

Student Page

As a Teacher

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