OnGuard Product Guide and Pricing

Since 2018 our new clients have had the opportunity to subscribe to only what they actually need and use.
Clients from 2008 - 2017 subscribed to large MEGA-packs which are now discontinued.
As a new client, you can select INDIVIDUAL training units or ENTIRE mini-packs.
The rationale here, is that you only pay for what you use, and you can edit this offering annually.
Each individual training unit's annual subscription is a FLAT RATE - $20 per unit per year - unlimited students.
When an ENTIRE mini-pack is selected the subscription for each Training Unit in that mini-pack is DISCOUNTED by 20% to $16 per unit per year.

New subscribers MUST include at least x 1 Teacher Registration Licence - $100 at STARTUP.

All Prices are Ex GST

Agriculture Packs

Automotive Packs

General Workshop Packs

Clean Technology Packs

Food Technology Packs

Metal Technology Packs

Textiles Technology Packs

Trade Centres - VET Framework Packs

Wood Technology Packs

White Card Tutorials - VET Courses Packs

Art and Drama Packs

Physical Education / Sports Packs

Science Packs

Safe at Work Packs

New for 2021

The following training units will be developed over the course of 2021. If you have a specific need for any to be produced first, please let us know via email and we will prioritise them.

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